"...Brown is massively funky, and uncorks truckloads of energy..." - Michael Molenda, Editor, Guitar Player Magazine

About Gary


Gary Brown, lyricist, composer, guitar player, and vocalist for Bushmaster, is in an energetic, enthusiastic, and natural performer.  Born in Washington, DC, and growing up in the DC suburbs of Palmer Park, MD, along with the record collections of his parents, Brown was surrounded by the sounds of such local artists as Chuck Brown, Bobby Parker, Danny Gatton, Roy Buchanan, Link Wray, and others too numerous to mention.   As a teen Brown learned guitar by jamming with other local talent and musicians.  In 1992 Brown took the leap and formed his own band, Bushmaster.  The band's funky, guitar-centric, blues-rock music enlightens as well as entertains.  You can hear the influence of such artists as Funkadelic, and Jimi Hendrix among others in their music.  Bushmaster's new CD, "Revolution Rhapsody aka: Uprising Music", debuted at #41 on the Roots Music chart, at #21 on the Living Blues Magazine Radio Chart, and has received reviews, interviews, and radio airplay from Croatia, Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Canada, Australia, and The U.K., as well as across the United States.   Gary was also named "Best Up and Coming Blues Rock Artist" for The Rock Over America Magazine Music Awards 2012. (click here to read more about the new CD) (scroll down to the bottom of this page to hear some music).

Festivals and Events

A great way to bring the music to the masses

Gary Brown loves playing guitar, and loves playing/performing for people - the more the better.  Festivals are a great way for him to share his love of guitar and music with a wide spectrum of music lovers.  It's easy to see, from watching him perform, how connected he is to the music - he emotes - making sure each note counts, conveying not only the melody of each song, but the emotion behind them.  A few of the festivals that Bushmaster has performed at recently are:


Tone Obsession

Trying to be good to your earhole

Tone is a hard thing to describe.  Just like "tone of voice" is used to describe vocal timber and how "nasally" or "clear" a speaker's voice is used to create a mood or a character - the tone created by a guitar conveys emotion, mood, or adds character to a song.

Gary's constant pursuit of good tone has taken him down a long and winding path through a plethora of different amplifiers, effects pedals, and guitars.  Currently he has a G&L Legacy, two custom built guitars, a "Viper-Verb" custom built amplifier, a custom modified Marshall JMP, and an ever-changing pedal board.  

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