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Posted by Trudi Brown on April 02, 2012. 0 Comments

 Hi everyone, I've started this side-blog and will post the lyrics to some of my songs (links provided to tunes that address some of today's dire political and environmental landscape) here as they are published.  Here's a guide to this list/blog (most current on top):


Studio CD - "Revolution Rhapsody   aka: Uprising Music" - all songs written by Gary D. Brown - copyright and publish date 2011  (click here for credits)

  1. Cumberland Blues               listen here
  2. I Will Shine                           listen here
  3. Victim Of Nostalgia              listen here
  4. Arizona Shame On Ya         listen here
  5. Phony People                      listen here
  6. Ball 'N' Jack                         listen here
  7. Sidewalk Strut                     listen here
  8. War On The Poor                listen here
  9. River Flow - Splash!            listen here
  10. Trudi                                   listen here
  11. 40 Acres And A Mule          listen here
  12. Nothing Up Your Sleeve      listen here
  13. We All Fall Down                 listen here
  14. Alycia Outro   
  15. Randy Intro
  16. Victim Of Nostalgia Remix    listen here


    Live CD - "Live & Blue" - songs written by Gary D. Brown unless otherwise noted - copyright and publish date 2008
    1. Night Shift
    2. Have You Ever Been Mistreated (Nine Below Zero)
    3. Lights On, Nobody Home
    4. I Got News
    5. Drowning On Dry Land
    6. Nappy's Boogie
    7. Thousand Miles From Nowhere
    8. Four Times Better
    9. Good Life
    10. *Bonus Track


      Studio CD - "Drowning On Dry Land" - all songs written by Gary D. Brown - copyright and publish date 2006

      1. Good Life
      2. Drowning On Dry Land
      3. Your Song
      4. Hard Word
      5. Cosmic Funk
      6. Sweet Olivia
      7. Big Back Yard
      8. Chains
      9. Glass House Dweller
      10. Ghetto All Over The World
      11. Song For My Father


        Studio CD - "Consider The Source" - all songs written by Gary D. Brown - copyright and publish date 1999
        1. Martha
        2. Night Shift
        3. Arlington Blues
        4. Black Thong
        5. Off The Wall
        6. Original Groove
        7. River Flow
        8. Nappy's Boogie
        9. Consider The Source
        10. Sidewalk Strut
        11. Trudi
        12. Last Call
        13. Way Home
        14. *Hidden Bonus Track


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