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40 Acres And A Mule (track 11 - Revolution Rhapsody)

Posted by Trudi Brown on October 20, 2011. 0 Comments

40 Acres & A Mule

Been ‘round the block
Once or twice
Bought the ticket ‘n’ paid the price!
Been sittin’ back a long time
Just tryin to keep my cool
Whole time I’m steady waitin’
On my 40 acres and my mule!

They told me a tale
And I believed it!
My check in the mail
I never received it
Sittin’ by the mailbox
Sittin’ there waiting like a fool
Is it ever coming?
My 40 acres and my mule!

I’m waitin on justice
I’m waitin on truth
I’m praying for patience
I’m looking for proof
Proof that all this waiting
And tryin’ to live the Golden Rule
Hasn’t made me void my ticket
My 40 acres and my mule!


Written by Gary D. Brown
Gary D. Brown - electric guitar, vocals
Jay A. Turner - bass 
Spencer Brown - drums




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