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Delmarva Bike Week 2010

Posted by Trudi Brown on September 28, 2010. 1 Comment

For those of you who are motorcycle enthusiasts you already know what Delmarva Bike Week is - for the rest of you... well let me start by saying Kerry Mendenhall (friend, fan, and event organizer) really knows how to throw a party!  Probably, the biggest, best known, multi-venue motorcycle show on the Eastern Shore - Delmarva Bike Week is really the place to be at the end of the summer. 

This is the second year that Bushmaster has performed at the show.  This year we performed three times during the four day event - Thursday, Sept. 16, 2010, 3pm till 4:30pm; Friday, Sept. 17, 2010, 3pm till 4:30pm - both on the main stage at the main event site, Winter Place Park, Salisbury, MD - then Friday night, 10pm till 2am at Pickles Pub in Ocean City, MD.

We stayed at the Fenwick Inn (great place, great staff) woke up every morning (and went to sleep every night) to the mellifluous rumble of Harley Davidsons, swam in the warm Atlantic Ocean (right across the street from our hotel) Friday morning, ran into lots of friends, and had a great time.  

It was great seeing Skip and Cindy Mason (and Cindy's son Daniel Miller), of Mirage Sound, and even better hearing how they had me sounding through their sound system on the main stage.  I love Skip's approach - he tries (successfully) to get the tone the musicians are creating on stage and just making it louder.  Often times sound guys add effects to the signal and color or muddy the tone - and you know how much my tone effects my performance - Skip made it sound like me only louder, and therefore I could concentrate on performing instead of how I sounded.

Here's some pictures from our week of fun:

16Sep10 - DelmarvaBikeWeek

17Sep10 - DelmarvaBikeWeek

More pictures and video to come soon  :-)


Awesome!! The whole experience with you both is always just awesome!!.. and you’ve captured all that on film! We love you. Skip and Cindi
Posted by Cindi Mason on September 28, 2010

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