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In the spirit of sharing...

Posted by Trudi Brown on December 29, 2011. 0 Comments

Hope this holiday season finds you well and happy, just wanted to say Merry Christmas, Happy Hannuka, Happy Kwanza, and Happy Prosperous New Year to you and your family.  :-)

TO ANYONE WHO OWNS MY NEW CD "Revolution Rhapsody" - Would you please take a minute (I know it's busy and the holiday season) and POST A REVIEW (your honest opinion) ON MY CD BABY SITE:  http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/bushmaster3

Thank you Ciro Damone, Kenyon Trachte, Mary Gehringer DeGrezia, and Bob Schell for all submitting user reviews for me so far... if you've sent in one also, please let me know so I can get CDBaby on their j.o.b. ... thanks for your help :-) 

Also, wanted to share a little something that I came to me Christmas Eve morning:

Merry Christmas to all the little trees that had to die 
And to all the little kids that are wondering why
Why they don't have no gift
Why Daddy lost his shift
Why Momma always seem so down like she don't have no lift
Merry Christmas to all the people in the Middle East
Fightin' killin' dyin' tryin' to find some peace
Merry Christmas to the starving kids in Africa
They doin' bad, but they'd still share what they had witcha
Merry Christmas to the protesters that protest greed
Gettin' beat down in the streets for saying what they need
Merry Christmas to the people that are speakin' it true
Merry Christmas Bradley Manning yeah I'm rootin' for you!
Merry Christmas to the fighters for equality
Merry Christmas to the ones that died for you and me
Merry Christmas to those struggling in the absence of light
Merry Christmas to all... and to all a good night...

Gary Brown, 12/24/11 


Thanks again, your friend in music,

Gary Brown


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