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Music Emissions reviews "Revolution Rhapsody aka: Uprising Music" 13Mar12

Posted by Trudi Brown on March 13, 2012. 0 Comments


Thanks to Carlita from Music Emissions for her passionate, insightful review of "Revolution Rhapsody  aka: Uprising Music":

on 2012-03-13 Carlita Said:

A mix of Bruce Springsteen, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Eric Clapton combined, "Revolution Rhapsody" provides a few battle anthems for the next political uprising. Bushmaster, led by blues guitarist extraordinaire Gary Brown, starts the record off on a bold note, attacking racism head-on with "Cumberland Blues" and that was only the beginning. Playfully denouncing Arizona's racial profiling statute with his song "Arizona Shame on You", no doubt is left in the listener's mind which side of the political and moral spectrum Bushmaster falls. Taking on classism in addition on songs like "River Flow-Splash!" and "War on the Poor", Bushmaster shines a critical lens on the socioeconomic structure of the "haves" and "have-nots" in the world. Will venture to guess he might not clink beer bottles with Santorum, Gingrich or Romney any time soon. 

Riffing in between providing outspoken social commentary, it's clear Gary is a master of his instrument, bringing Jimi's "Voodoo Child" style back to life on "Victims of Nostalgia" and Stevie Ray's "Tightrope" style on "We All Fall Down". Not every song is political, as he also discusses his wife on a few tracks like the Booker T and the MCG's "Green Onions" sounding "BallNJack". On "Phony People", Gary provides a universal kiss-off for all as I'm sure we've all known phony people in our lives. Overall, you get the sense the album is a respectable sociological case study from a real Blues brotha who isn't afraid to stand up for what he believes in and go against the grain. Bushmaster might be the one to "knock the bully right off his feet". 

Rating: 8/10


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