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"War On The Poor" gets some airplay in Alaska

Posted by Trudi Brown on April 11, 2012. 0 Comments

KMXT KODIAK AK (sent to me on 4/11/12)
Studebaker John                                    Fire Down Below                                   Old School Rockin’                    Delmark
Tommy Schneller                                   You’re My Place To Be                          Smiling For A Reason                 Cable Car
Nathan James & The Rhythm Scratchers  What You Make Of It                             What You Make Of It                 Delta Groove
Tail Dragger & Bob Corritore                  Through With You                                  Longtime Friends In The Blues    Delta Groove
Janiva Magness                                      Dirty Water                                           Stronger For It                          Alligator
Brad Vickers & His Vestapolitans                        Dallas Blues                                           single                                        Man Hat Tone
Vintage Trouble                                     Nancy Lee                                             The Bomb Shelter Sessions        self release
JW-Jones                                              In A Song                                              Seventh Hour                            Canada
Joe Zaklan                                             Thin Ice                                                 There Ain’t No Better Kind          self release
Sean Poluk                                            Even When You’re Wrong                      Never                                       self release
Suze Lanier-Bramlett                              I Refuse To Get Over You                      Swamp Cabaret                          Magnolia Gold
Darren Jay & The Delta Souls                 Rider                                                    Drink My Wine                          self release
Bob Margolin & Mike Sponza Band         While You’re Down There                      Blues Around The World            Vizztone
JT Coldfire                                            Tired Man’s Blues                                  Always And Never                     self release
Mud Morganfield                                   Leave Me Alone                                     Son Of The Seventh Son                        Severn
Studebaker John                                    Rockin’ That Boogie                               Old School Rockin’                    Delmark
Red Hot Blues Sisters                            Bring It On Home                                  Red On Blue                              Peace Code
Ghost Town Blues Band                         Good To Be Me                                                Dark Horse                               Inside Sounds
Tommy Schneller                                   Never Found Me A Girl                          Smiling For A Reason                 Cable Car
Janiva Magness                                      Things Left Undone                                Stronger For It                          Alligator
Tail Dragger & Bob Corritore                  So Ezee                                                            Longtime Friends In The Blues            Delta Groove
Bushmaster                                           War On The Poor                                  Revolution Rhapsody                 Unoyaga
Mud Morganfield                                   Midnight Lover                                      Son Of The Seventh Son                        Severn
Eddie C Campbell                                   Call My Mama                                       Spider Eating Preacher               Delmark
Bob Margolin & Mike Sponza Band         Crazy ‘Bout You Baby                            Blues Around The World            Vizztone
Heritage Blues Orchestra                        Big-Legged Woman                                And Still I Rise                           Raisin’ Music
Red Hot Blues Sisters                            Grave Yard Blues                                   Red On Blue                              Peace Code
Scissormen                                           Jumper On The Line                               Big Shoes                                 Vizztone
JW-Jones                                              What Is Real                                          Seventh Hour                            Canada
Vintage Trouble                                     Run Outta You                                       The Bomb Shelter Sessions        self release
Bushmaster                                           Phony People                                        Revolution Rhapsody                 Unoyaga
Suze Lanier-Bramlett                              Soup Kitchen                                         Swamp Cabaret                          Magnolia Gold
Darren Jay & The Delta Souls                 Tin Pan Alley                                         Drink My Wine                          self release
Joe Zaklan                                             She’s Got Her Baby On Her Mind           There Ain’t No Better Kind          self release
JT Coldfire                                            I’m The Best Thing You Ever Had            Always And Never                     self release
Nathan James & The Rhythm Scratchers  Pretty Baby Please Don’t Be Late            What You Make Of It                 Delta Groove
Ghost Town Blues Band                         Blues Box Breakdown                            Dark Horse                               Inside Sounds


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