"...Brown is massively funky, and uncorks truckloads of energy..." - Michael Molenda, Editor, Guitar Player Magazine

"I Will Shine" & "Sidewalk Strut" played on KMXT, Kodiak, Alaska

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Studebaker John                                    Tumblin’ Down The Road                        Old School Rockin’                    Delmark
Etta Britt                                               Dog Wants In                                        Out Of The Shadows                  Wrinkled Records
The 44’s                                                Mr. Highway Man                                  Americana                                 Rip Cat
Tail Dragger & Bob Corritore                  Please Mr. Jailer                                                Longtime Friends In The Blues            Delta Groove
Eddie C Campbell                                   Cut You A-Loose                                   Spider Eating Preacher               Delmark
Mud Morganfield                                   Love To Flirt                                          Son Of The Seventh Son                        Severn
Eddie Taylor Jr.                                      Stop Breaking Down                              So Called Friends                       Wolf
Bob Margolin & Mike Sponza Band         The Door Was Open                              Blues Around The World            Vizztone
Curtis Salgado                                       Let Me Take You In My Arms                 Soul Shot                                  Alligator
JT Coldfire                                            Rather Die In My Sleep                          Always And Never                     self release
Treasa Levasseur                                    Walk On                                                Broad                                       Slim Chicken
Eric Bibb                                               Movin’ Up                                             Deeper In The Well                    Stony Plain
Sauce Boss                                           I Can’t Sit Down                                    Live At The Green Parrot            Burning Disc
Ronnie Shellist                                       Three Days                                            ‘til Then                                     Fat Tone
Eddie Taylor Jr.                                      Goin’ Upside Your Head                         So Called Friends                       Wolf
Red Hot Blues Sisters                            Enough To Cry                                      Red On Blue                              Peace Code
Etta Britt                                               The Chokin’ Kind                                    Out Of The Shadows                  Wrinkled Records
Studebaker John                                    I Stand Alone                                         Old School Rockin’                    Delmark
The 44’s                                                Hanging Tree                                         Americana                                 Rip Cat
Eddie C Campbell                                   I Do                                                      Spider Eating Preacher               Delmark
Mud Morganfield                                   Short Dress Woman                              Son Of The Seventh Son                        Severn
Tail Dragger & Bob Corritore                  I’m Worried                                           Longtime Friends In The Blues    Delta Groove
Ronnie Shellist                                       Bad News                                             ‘til Then                                     Fat Tone
Eric Bibb                                               Dig A Little Deeper In The Well               Deeper In The Well                    Stony Plain
Darren Jay & The Delta Souls                 River’s Edge                                          Drink My Wine                          self release
Bushmaster                                           I Will Shine                                            Revolution Rhapsody                 Unoyaga
Geoff Achison & The Souldiggers            Feel Like A King                                     Little Big Men                            self release
Sauce Boss                                           Gumbo Recipe                                      Live At The Green Parrot            Burning Disc
Bob Margolin & Mike Sponza Band         Hard Feelings                                        Blues Around The World            Vizztone
Red Hot Blues Sisters                            RB Blues                                               Red On Blue                              Peace Code
Curtis Salgado                                       Getting’ To Know You                            Soul Shot                                  Alligator
JT Coldfire                                            Tell Me Mama                                        Always And Never                     self release
Eric Bibb                                               Money In Your Pocket                           Deeper In The Well                    Stony Plain
Treasa Levasseur                                    Much Too Much                                    Broad                                       Slim Chicken
Darren Jay & The Delta Souls                 Drink My Wine                                      Drink My Wine                          self release
Geoff Achison & The Souldiggers            Zombify                                                            Little Big Men                            self release
Bushmaster                                           Sidewalk Strut                                       Revolution Rhapsody                 Unoyaga


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