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Crossroads Blues Society reviews Revolution Rhapsody

Posted by Trudi Brown on May 22, 2012. 0 Comments

As seen in the Crossroads Blues Society Newsletter May-June 2012 (Thanks to Mark Thompson and Harmonica Joe):

Revolution Rhapsody aka Uprising Music
Bushmaster- Gary D. Brown
16 tracks/ 58:05
“Revolution Rhapsody aka: Uprising Music” is the fourth CD to be released by the Bush-master band. This band has a very solid blues base while throwing in some funkiness and rock sound to it. The leader and com-poser of the band is the very talented guitar-ist Gary D. Brown. All sixteen tunes on this recording were penned by Brown. He takes a bold approach of hitting on just about every political and social issue facing us in this country. One does not have to agree with all of his thoughts as he uses his lyrics and musical skills to get us to listen and think about things. Gary likes to play festi-vals to share his music, thoughts and emo-tions.
For this recording project Brown is joined by a big list of talented players and singer on different songs. This group is too numerous to give them all the credit that they deserve at this time. More info is available at the www.bushmasterblues.com web-site.
“War On The Poor” is a very current song about recent political events in the great state of Wisconsin. We all know this story, destroy the unions, take from the working class etc. As Gary states’ “there is war on the poor, war on the middle class and if we don’t fight the power all the rest of us are thru.” This is told as it is by Gary, things in this country need to be changed. “War On The Poor” is a solid blues based tune show-ing of Brown’s guitar soloing, a solid band behind him and a welcome addition of Rodger Edsall blowing some fine harp for us.
The Bushmaster CD, “Revolution Rhapsody aka: Uprising Music” gives us sixteen well written songs performed by a fine mix of talented musicians and vocalist all led by an awesome leader Gary D. Brown. Having songs such as “Arizona Shame On You”, “Phony People” and “40 Acres And A Mule” makes you realize where this recording will take us. With Gary D. Brown leading the way on guitar, vocals and lyrics this is a recording to be listened to and to think about.
Reviewed by Harmonica Joe


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