"...Brown is massively funky, and uncorks truckloads of energy..." - Michael Molenda, Editor, Guitar Player Magazine

Detailed review from MC Dizzy Jackson, KZSU, Stanford, CA

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Thanks to MC Dizzy Jackson for his detailed, cool, interesting review of "Revolution Rhapsody  aka: Uprising Music" !!!  :-)


Bushmaster / Revolution Rhapsody
Album: Revolution Rhapsody   Collection: General
Artist: Bushmaster   Added: 05/2012
Label: Unoyaga Records  

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Album Review
MC Dizzy Jackson
Reviewed 2012-05-30 
Bushmaster, featuring Gary Brown, is based out of Pennsylvania and play some funky, bluesy, rockin’ music. Brown’s guitar is the centerpiece and he channels some Stevie Ray Vaughan and Hendrix. Big drums, bass, some organ. No FCC’s.

*My Favorites*: 1, 3, 4, 8, 9, 11.

1. *(4:47) Mid. Spoken intro. Barroom vibe, strong guitar.
2. (4:08) Slow / Mid. Mellow, plodding beat, guitar leads.
3. *(5:56) Mid. Catchy beat, nice percussion, organ, echoey vocals, female vocals.
4. *(3:00) Mid. Processed vocals, great percussion, lo-fi bluesy / reggae vibe.
5. (4:19) Mid. Big, driving sound, crunchy guitar, cymbal strikes, guitar lead final 2 min.
6. (3:32) Mid. Big Stevie Ray Vaughan influence. Steady pace, organ & guitar prominent.
7. (2:28) Mid. INSTRUMENTAL. Strut w/ swirling organ, mean guitar, heavy beat.
8. *(2:51) MId. Upbeat barroom workout, catchy and funky.
9. *(5:49) Mid. Upbeat, funky, SRV guitar influence. Spacey, interlude w/ processed vocal.
10. (3:37) Mid. INSTRUMENTAL. A bit of a car-chase theme, cool percussion, funky.
11. *(2:39) Mid. Big, funky strut. Killer.
12. (6:23) Slow. Mellow, sparse dirge. Heartfelt vocal delivery. Nice.
13. (3:52) Mid. Acoustic guitar start, then gets ‘80‘s era heavy metal-ish. 
14. (0:16) Quick spoken piece.
15. (0:07) German language intro.
16. (4:20) Mid. Electronica intro. Remix of track #3. Really danceable ditty. Trippy, unexpected stuff.

Track Listing
1. Cumberland Blues   9. River Flow-Splash
2. I Will Shine   10. Trudi
3. Victim Of Nostalgia   11. 40 Acres And A Mule
4. Arizona Shame On Ya   12. Nothing Up Your Sleeve
5. Phoney People   13. We All Fall Down
6. Ball N Jack   14. Alycia Outro
7. Sidewalk Strut   15. Randy Intro
8. War On The Poor   16. Victim Of Nostalgia Remix



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