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Central PA Festival of the Arts - 13Jul12

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 Thanks to all the cool music lovers who came to listen and hang out with us at Central PA Festival of the Arts, July 13, 2012.  We performed on the Festival Shell stage from 7:30pm till 9:pm...  

The show has been put up on our podcast for you to hear for free.  

Track listing is as follows:

02-CumberlandBlues *
03-DrowningOnDryLand *
04-YourSong *
05-PhonyPeople *
06-IWillShine *
08-RiverFlowSplash! *
11-SongForMyFather *
12-NightShift *
14-Trudi *

Gary Brown - guitar, vocals.  
Jay Turner - bass.  
Ray Wright - drums.

* original tune - see our website for more info:  www.BushmasterBlues.com

Here's some feedback from some people who were there:


Jim "The Professor" Price said this on his facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/jim.price.37):

"caught one more performance during Friday's sojourn to the Central PA Festival of the Arts, heading to the Festival Shell stage to witness Bushmaster. Ringleader Gary Brown was bringing some serious tones from his two guitars, as he led the group on a blend of rock, blues and funk originals plus a few select covers from Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan. I liked the spontaneous aspect of Bushmaster's performance, as Gary would take his guitar off on various tangents (I detected a Marshall Tucker "Can't You See"-flavored solo in the middle of one of his songs), and he randomly invited two unknown guitar-playing audience members, Chris and Michael, up to the stage to show their skills during the performance. More JP pen sketchery ensued, capturing Gary in action."



I enjoyed your show Friday night at the festival shell on old main lawn.  It was gracious of you to invite a native up to play a lick or two.  I want you to know there are guys that have a ton more blues chops than that around here.  Those guys, like you were working at the time.

The other thing I thought you should know it. There was a rainbow forming over the stage as you were playing " The Sky is Crying."

You and the guys sounded great.




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