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Rock Over America reviews Revolution Rhapsody

Posted by Trudi Brown on November 03, 2012. 0 Comments

A very special thank you goes out to Melissa Martinez and Mark Lewis at Rock Over America for their review of Revolution Rhapsody  aka: Uprising Music.   

Here's a link to the article on their site:  http://www.rockoveramerica.com/Cdreview%26id=694

Here's the review (I'd love to hear your thoughts too, either about the review, or your take on the CD):


Artist: Bushmaster 
Album: Revolution Rhapsody a.k.a Uprising Music 
Label: CD Baby 
Reviewer: Melissa Martinez 
Date: Oct 18, 2012 

‘Revolution Rhapsody a.k.a Uprising Music’ by Bushmaster is one of those discs that almost defies definition. There are elements from so many genres that it doesn't fit neatly into say Blues or Funk. Even the themes of the songs seem to go from hope to despair. The odd thing though is that it doesn't feel disjointed, but instead reflects the way most people seem to feel right now.

 Bushmaster is undeniably a great guitar player. The versatility of styles shows that he isn't going to be put neatly in one category, instead he’s going to lay down everything from a Walking Blues groove in ’40 Acres and A Mule’, then he’s going to give you a funky dance feel in ‘Victim of Nostalgia Remix’. That was the fun in listening to this CD, it was always something different.

 What really impressed me was the variety of subjects that Bushmaster tackled lyrically. ‘Arizona Shame On Ya’ and ‘War on the Poor’ take a look at some of the hottest issues of our times. ‘Nothing Up Your Sleeve’ with it’s less aggressive sound and soulful delivery asks you to take a look at your own behavior; ‘Phony People’ is a funky look at the people that stab you in the back as soon as you let your guard down. It seems to me that there aren't many things that are off limits in his lyrics.

 There are a few instrumental tracks that allow Bushmaster to let his guitar do the talking, and the tone and phrasing are spot on. I’m not quite sure why this musician hasn't made more of an impact yet on the scene. It’s obvious that he has a lot to say, and the ability to do it in a way that unites instead of divides. I would highly recommend getting your hands on this CD and judging for yourself.


(listen to it for yourself and let me know your thoughts: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9262B9E2478FD73F )


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