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The Impaler Speaks - new review

Posted by Trudi Brown on May 28, 2013. 0 Comments

 Thanks go out to The Impaler for this insightful, musically savvy review of Revolution Rhapsody - check it out and let me know your thoughts  :-)


(Reprinted from The Impaler Speaks:  http://theimpalerspeaks.com/post/51555108679/bushmaster-blues-revolution )

Bushmaster – Revolution Rhapsody aka Uprising Music (bushmasterblues.com)

Bushmaster is a dynamic, eclectic band that seamlessly melds old-school blues with a tasty array of influences culled from every subgenre that has followed since the blues begat rock ‘n’ roll in the form of Chuck Berry and his compatriots in the 1950s. The band hails from the capital of the United States of America – Washington, D.C. – and is led by tour de force guitarist Gary D. Brown, who also wrote all the music and lyrics, and provides lead vocals for most of the 16 tracks here. Co-conspirators in Bushmaster include vocalists Rob Thorworth [Gravy, The Rob Thorworth Trio], Kelly Bell [Kelly Bell Band, which was formed nearly two decades ago as a backing band for Bo Diddley and has been named the Best Blues Band in the Mid-Atlantic region nearly every year since], and Sarah Wiskeman, along with bassist Jay A. Turner and a dozen other talents adding a beautful array of musical and vocal flavor to the proceedings. Two key aspects of the Bushmaster sound set them apart from the average modern blues-rock band. Musically, Brown and his crew draw upon influences ranging from the obvious (Jimi Hendrix, for example) to the sublime (world beat, Latin rock, and – oh yeah! – Funkadelic). Lyrically, Brown seems to be influenced heavily by hip-hop revolutionaries Chuck D [Public Enemy] and KRS-One [Boogie Down Productions], adding a much-needed kick in the backside to the very concept of the blues. Tracks like ‘Arizona, Shame On You’, ’40 Acres And A Mule’, ‘War On The Poor’, and ‘Phony People’ take the plight of the people to the streets over sick blues licks that in less adventurous hands would’ve been filled with the same old double entendres and ‘baby, baby’ mumblings that hotshot blues shredders have utilized for decades to fill space between guitar solos. You say you want a revolution? Start here. The Impaler @impalerspeaks

bushmasterblues.com  + @bushmasterblues


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