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Blues Corner 11/3/19 - thanks for the add

Posted by Trudi Brown on January 10, 2020. 0 Comments

Thanks goes out to Tony Corner for adding us to his radio show on 11/3/19

Coming up at the top of the hour on our Blues Corner radio show we have 28 new releases on the show including songs by Bushmaster Blues featuring Gary Brown, Joe Bonamassa, Roger Hurricane Wilson, @Pearl Handled Revolver Rob Tognoni, Jacqui Brown, Midnight Skyracer, Mike Goudreau fan page, Joe Jammer, Eddie Boyd, Hound Dog Taylor & The House Rockers, Max Bianco & The BlueHearts, Greg Coulson, Danny Vaughn's Myths, Legends & Lies, Angel Forrest, Wayward Sons, Lewis Hamilton, Big River, Miles Nielsen, Screamin' John and TD Lind, Joanna Connor Band Wide Mouth Mason, The Swamp Shakers, Buck & Evans, Sugar and Spice Revue, Chantel McGregor and Dudley Taft.
Plus there’ll be a track from Brent Wildman Enman Official as part of 29 songs from across the blues genre and beyond!
The attached photo has the time and tune in details plus a selection of other artists so why not come along and join us, thanks TC


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