"...Brown is massively funky, and uncorks truckloads of energy..." - Michael Molenda, Editor, Guitar Player Magazine

Check out our CD - Dancing In The Belly Of The Beast

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Have you heard the CD "Dancing In The Belly Of The Beast" yet? Here's "Profile", "Pressure Cooker", and a track sneak peek (30 seconds of each song) for you to check out:

Dancing In The Belly Of The Beast - 2019 - Bushmaster featuring Gary Brown - GEM Records UK.

...get your copy TODAY at BushmasterBlues.com (click on catalog, then choose either digital download or CD in the mail)...

"...Stirring in a bit of funk on Ajax And Hot Wax, brown doesn't sound like Wolfman or JGW but you can hear the influence. A real nice floating guitar solo by Brown in this track reinforces the overall coolness of the track. Slow blues number, Nowhere To Stand, has a smooth bass driven bottom with distorted guitar lead under contemporary lyrics and a strong organ line. Miss Sexy Fine is a funky rocker with a flavor of Jimi. Fan style rhythm guitar playing and solid lead guitar playing by Brown is spicy. One of my favorites on the release is Elevator, a cool blues rocker along the lines of Sitting on top of the World. With it's strutting rhythm, slid guitar by Daniel Weston Cohen and solid timing on vocals, this track just has a great feel. Another track that gets me going is funky, Pressure Cooker with a mad funky beat and rhythmic lead vocals. Brown lets the dog off the leash on guitar with some freewheeling guitar that soars...really! ..."
- Bman, BMan's Blues Report

"...All along the way, there are tons of standout music, miles of standout wordplay, and the way they work together is just too damn good to ignore. There’s “Ajax and Hot Wax”, itself a mid-tempo rocker that one could easily hear covered by Buddy Guy. A song for bad love, or maybe rejected love is a better way to put it, it sells the story of that love (or possibly the absence of the same) very well. The breakdown in this song alone is worth twice the price of the full album! Another stellar solo cuts through the mix, bringing everything together into a great roux..."
- Clay Phillips, Facebook

"...This man is drawing his inspiration from the streets, where unfairness and the constant struggle just to survive is a daily reality. But that’s where music comes in - down through the centuries music has always been a beacon of hope and light in dark times. It tells a story of what things are, music inspires and gives hope also. “Dancing in the Belly of the Beast” is a story well told. Totally real and relevant lyrics coupled with some impressive blues funk playing that you find impossible not tap your feet to..."
- Gerry Casey, Turn It Up!

"...Brown does not hold back his feelings here in this great CD about life in the U.S. He’s penned and played 14 great songs and has put together his best album yet– this is some powerful stuff. This is one heck of a CD; mixing blues and funk, the Bushmaster’s got a real winner here! ..."
- Steve Jones, The Groove

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