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New video of live music shows to share with you!

Posted by Trudi Brown on March 15, 2020. 0 Comments

2020-03-13 Bushmaster at Clyde's Willow Creek
Bushmaster featuring Gary Brown had the pleasure of performing at Clyde's Willow Creek, Ashburn, VA on Friday 3/13/20. When other musicians have had their shows cancelled due to the virus scare, we feel blessed to have been able to perform, and thank those who worked at the venue for providing a clean environment, both for us, and for those who came out to support live music... we appreciate you!!!
This show had an extra layer of fun for Gary, as he got to use his new "Leona Amplification" pedal that was created by our friend Vanja Tubic. This sparkly purple pedal sounds as good as it looks... check out the tones and hear for yourself... btw, there are pictures of the pedal and a link to Vanja on our fb page for those who are interested facebook.com/pages/BushmasterBluesFeaturingGaryBrown
Here is footage of the show to share with everyone - especially those who could not attend due to quarantine... we wish you a speedy recovery, take the time to get well.
Gary Brown - guitar, vocals.
Ken Fiester - bass.
Dan Periello - drums.
... more info about the band, how you can purchase our music, and how you can help musicians like us during the pandemic... at BushmasterBlues.com

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