"...Brown is massively funky, and uncorks truckloads of energy..." - Michael Molenda, Editor, Guitar Player Magazine

Credits for "Revolution Rhapsody aka: Uprising Music"

Bushmaster - Revolution Rhapsody  aka: Uprising Music
1. Cumberland Blues
2. I Will Shine
3. Victim of Nostalgia
4. Arizona Shame On Ya
5. Phony People
6. Ball ‘n’ Jack
7. Sidewalk Strut
8. War On The Poor
9. River Flow - Splash!
10. Trudi
11. 40 Acres & A Mule
12. Nothing Up Your Sleeve
13. We All Fall Down
14. Alycia Outro
15. Randy Intro
16. Victim of Nostalgia Remix

Gary Brown - writer/composer on all songs; electric guitar on all songs; vocals on “Cumberland Blues”, “Arizona Shame On Ya”, “Phony People”, “Ball ‘n’ Jack”, “War On The Poor”, “River Flow”, “Splash!”, “40 Acres & A Mule”, “Nothing Up Your Sleeve”; background vocals on “Victim Of Nostalgia”
Jay A. Turner - bass on all songs
John Thomakos - drums on “We All Fall Down”, “Victim Of Nostalgia”, “Phony People”, “Sidewalk Strut”, “River Flow”, “Splash!”, “Trudi”; percussion on “Cumberland Blues”, “Arizona Shame On Ya”
Spence Brown * - drums on “Cumberland Blues”, “I Will Shine”, “Arizona Shame On Ya”, “Ball ‘n’ Jack”, “War On The Poor”, “40 Acres & A Mule”, “Nothing Up Your Sleeve”
Kirk Myers - keyboards on “Victim Of Nostalgia”, “Phony People”, “Ball ‘n’ Jack”, “Sidewalk Strut”, “Nothing Up Your Sleeve”
Rodger Edsall - harmonica on “Arizona Shame On Ya”, “War On The Poor”
Glen Shirley - acoustic guitar on “We All Fall Down”
Steve Wright - acoustic guitar on “I Will Shine”; sound engineering and mixing on all songs
Kelly Bell * - vocals on “We All Fall Down”, “Victim Of Nostalgia”, “Arizona Shame On Ya”; percussion on “Victim Of Nostalgia”, “Trudi”
Rob Thorworth - vocals on “I Will Shine”, “Nothing Up Your Sleeve”
Sarah Wiskeman - vocals on “Victim Of Nostalgia”; background vocals on “Arizona Shame On Ya”, “Nothing Up Your Sleeve”
Amal Mahrauki - background vocals on “Nothing Up Your Sleeve”
Trudi Brown - background vocals on “Arizona Shame On Ya”, “War On The Poor”; chimes on “Trudi”, “I Will Shine”
Jaime Acuna - spoken word on “Arizona Shame On Ya” in Spanish 
Randy - spoken word intro in German
Mr. X - spoken word on Cumberland Blues
Alicia Danae Rosario - spoken word outro 
Brood X 17yr Cicadas - percussion on “We All Fall Down”
Green Frogs - vocals on “River Flow”
Atlantic Ocean - percussion on “Splash”
* Kelly Bell & Spence Brown appear courtesy of Phat Blues Records  - PhatBlues.com or KellyBellBand.com