"...Brown is massively funky, and uncorks truckloads of energy..." - Michael Molenda, Editor, Guitar Player Magazine

DBB07 Miss Sexyfine - song download


Miss Sexyfine 

The seventh song on Bushmaster featuring Gary Brown's CD entitled "Dancing In The Belly Of The Beast" - cd released 2019



you came walkin' in the room baby
all the clocks stopped telling time!...
You start a preacher man to sinnin'...baby...
You turn a sheriff to a life of crime!...

Ain't no one that comes close to you baby -
You drive us all out of our minds!
So sexyfine in all you do baby...
You're bringing eyesight to the blind!


You're the only one on my mind Miss Sexyfine
Your kisses tastin' sweeter than wine Miss Sexyfine
I'll always want you till the end of time
Miss Sexyfine!

You leave 'em sprung and haunted baby
you running naked thru their minds
I feel like that's just what you wanted...baby
A sweet prison cell of your design!

All the rest are imitations baby -
and next to you they're incomplete!
You sweetly show their limitations baby...
Until they must bow down in defeat


Credits for this song:

Gary Brown - guitar, vocals, song writer. 
Justin Kimball - bass.
Justin Pinkney - drums. 
Tim McDonald - keyboards.
Geoff Wilbourn - producer. 
Adam Taylor - recording engineer
Zaq Reynolds - mixing engineer. 
Recorded at Sound Emporium Studios, Mastering at Wavy Cat Studio, Printing and Manufacturing at Oasis, GEM Records UK.