"...Brown is massively funky, and uncorks truckloads of energy..." - Michael Molenda, Editor, Guitar Player Magazine

DBB09 Army Of Two - song download


Army Of Two 

The ninth song on Bushmaster featuring Gary Brown's CD entitled "Dancing In The Belly Of The Beast" - cd released 2019




We're an army of two baby just me an you…

No other woman got a damn thing on you baby
With you by my side baby I'm on top of the world, and I know you'll always be my girl

You found a broken man - with no direction or plan
you showed me ALL that I could be...
you shielded from all my doubts and my worries, and loved me oh so patiently... 


When all my friends would all desert me - you're the one who never hurt me...
You're the one who had my back
you never have to worry, when you call me - I will hurry, and baby that's a natural fact! 

'Cause you know that ...



Credits for this song:

Gary Brown - guitar, vocals, song writer. 
Justin Kimball - bass.
Justin Pinkney - drums. 
Tracy Nelson - vocals.
Vickie Carrico - vocals.
Geoff Wilbourn - producer. 
Adam Taylor - recording engineer
Zaq Reynolds - mixing engineer.
Recorded at Sound Emporium Studios, Mastering at Wavy Cat Studio, Printing and Manufacturing at Oasis, GEM Records UK.