"...Brown is massively funky, and uncorks truckloads of energy..." - Michael Molenda, Editor, Guitar Player Magazine

DBB10 The Elevator - song download


The Elevator 

The tenth song on Bushmaster featuring Gary Brown's CD entitled "Dancing In The Belly Of The Beast" - cd released 2019



You ridin' high...you walkin' tall... Just like the pride .. before the fall... might hafta PAY... for what you SAY...because elevator goes two ways! 

sweet summer woman...done up and gone... left with your good friends... your house is not your home!... talkin' to YOU... watch what you DO... because elevator goes two ways!

Find comfort in pictures...when memories GO... they can remind you... you reap just what you sow... it's a lesson you'll LEARN... when the tables have TURNED... because the elevator goes two ways!


Credits for this song:

Gary Brown - guitar, vocals, song writer. 
Justin Kimball - bass.
Justin Pinkney - drums. 
Tim McDonald - keyboards.
Daniel Weston Cohen - slide guitar. 
Geoff Wilbourn - producer.
Adam Taylor - recording engineer
Zaq Reynolds - mixing engineer. 
Recorded at Sound Emporium Studios, Mastering at Wavy Cat Studio, Printing and Manufacturing at Oasis, GEM Records UK.